Initial Design Meeting

1st a concept meeting is set to establish our customers requirements, estimated quantities, target pricing, and expected delivery forecast. Although travel is always an option, web conferencing and online meetings are also available. All data is collected, summarized and passed on to our design team as well as copies sent to our customer to a) re-cap on all points from the meeting and b) ensure we are all on the same page.

Concept Drawings

We are able to provide computer or hand generated renditions for the item(s) to make sure that the design, materials and target pricing is achievable. This also helps confirm that visually this is what our customer expects. Our design and manufacturing experience over the years allows us to suggest features and functions that you possibly might not already be using that will improve your products without necessarily increasing your costs


Product Sampling

Once the initial concept(s) are approved,  we move to the sampling stage. Depending on the items(s) usually there is an approximate a 2-3 week turnaround as they are hand made with manual patterns.


After the sample(s) are approved, pricing is agreed and delivery dates are confirmed, we require an official PO with deposit to reserve production space, order materials, and begin production. Once production materials arrive, we send swatches to our customers for their confirmation and reference against their order.


Once your order is complete, our logistics team arrange shipment to the US or your port of choice. Commonly when we quote a price it includes shipping fees, taxes, duties, documentation fees and any other charges involved to land the order to the dock or your door.